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Send And Receive Fax From Your SmartPhone

With the introduction of smartphones, almost everything hascome into our palms.The smartphone is not just a device that is used to communicate. There are lots more you can do with a smartphone. Here is a list of how our smartphone can act as per our need.


  • Communicator
  • Gaming console
  • Voice recorder
  • Music system
  • Movie screen
  • Location tracker
  • GPS
  • Scanner
  • Faxing machine
  • Knowledge bank

and much more.

Did you note a special use of the smartphone which is not so common? It's the faxing machine. Have you ever wondered thatyour smartphone will ever be used as a faxing machine? Yes, faxing is just a single click away. It is no more a big trouble in searching for faxing machines to fax during an emergency.
Faxing was not easy then.Buttoday, we have internet and it is possible to fax online. Even easier is that we can fax through our smartphones provided there is Internet facility on our smartphones. This is no more a joke and it is true that our smartphone can be used as a fax machine. But, how to fax from our smartphone may be the next question.  Here is a quick look at how it can be used to fax.

Register with the fax service provider


  • Download the fax service provider's application.


  • Sign up into the application and special credentials will be allocated to each user which will be sent to the registered email address for security purpose.


  • Use the allocated credentials to login to the application and request for the fax number.


  • Once the fax number is allocated, the user can start sending and receiving faxes.


How to send and receive fax from Smartphone

Sending and receiving faxes are simple as sending anemail.

Send Fax


  • Log into the application and compose a message similar to the normal email


  • Attach the document to be faxed


  • Specify the recipient's fax number and submit the message in the application.


Once the request is submitted from your account, the fax service provider will receive your request. As each account has an allotted fax number, the service provider will know the sender's fax number. The fax service provider will act as a virtual fax machine. The document to be faxed is converted to a format that is understandable by the recipient fax machine and is sent through the phone line.The document that is sent is again converted from the format that is understandable by the fax machine to the original format. This can either be printed directly or can be saved and printed later.




Receive fax

Receiving fax is similar to sending afax.
The document and the message have to be sent to the fax number that is allocated to you. In other words, the sender has to fax specifying your fax number.
The fax service provider will receive the document in the format in which it was sent.


The document and the message received by the virtual machine is automatically converted into an image file.

This converted image file is generally sent to theregistered account or to the registered mail id.
The image received in the account can be printed immediately or can be saved for future use.


Once the document is received, an acknowledgment of you receiving the document will be sent to the sender immediately. However, one should also note that this service is charged and one should choose a plan that is affordable and relevant to the usage.The service provided by each fax service provider varies from one another.

We, one of the growing fax service providers have a special 5-page free trial where you can send and receive at most 5 faxes. It automatically gets upgraded to the basic pack once the free trial is over. We have varioussubscription plans based on the number of sending and receiving faxes. Per page subscription: One can subscribe for paying as per the number of pages to be faxed. This is suitable for people who rarely use the fax service but wish to fax without searching for other options at the time of need.

Monthly subscription: One must pay a fixed amountmonthly. The monthly amount varies based on two options, whether the subscription is for limited number or unlimited number of pages Yearly subscription: This is very similar to the monthly subscription plan except that it has to be paid only once in a year. This also has unlimited and limited page variants. So, utilise the faxing facility from your Smartphone and get benefit out of it.







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