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We are one of the leading smartphone fax service providers in the world today. No matter where you are in the world, with the help of a smartphone or just an internet connection from anywhere you can fax to any destination across the globe. This is our business and this is what we do.

Our company was founded to solve the problem of unavailability of fax machines anywhere anytime a person wishes to fax.


Mainly people who are on a sales trip face this problem of not being able to fax immediately after the conclusion of a deal or a business meeting. This could leave a small time-gap,wherein competitors of the business could pitch in and it may happen that one could lose the business.

Thus, it is important to have access to a fax machine from anywhere and at any time; this we have solved with the improvements in internet and smartphone technology.


One can thus easily add the document that they plan to fax and we would ensure that the fax gets delivered immediately.


We have a large number of backend systems and servers that run on the background to ensure 24x7 service.

We understand that not everyone needs to fax a lot of documents and start-up companies may also not afford to have a fax machine on their own.


For this reason, we have many different types of memberships.

You can opt to pay either per fax or for a fixed number of faxes per month or for a year or can also subscribe for an unlimited number of faxes depending on your needs.

The best part is that we will allot you a unique fax number which you can also share with your clients and receive faxes as well within the same package. Your package can also be modified any day with just a phone call.

Don’t delay further, register with us today and enjoy unlimited faxing.












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